Being An Independent No Longer Means Being Alone!

Did you ever hire an attorney or ticket broker to help you defend your NYC
commercial tickets and later find out that while you saved some money that
you were left with a mess. Tickets were not defended or paid timely
resulting in more cost to you? Did they make you promises that only
resulted in more work for you?

NYTDA cannot promise the impossible and will not. What we will promise is
that instead of fighting with the City, we will work with them to get you the
greatest savings based upon solid adjudication methods and law that will
not cost you both more time and money than it should. We also promise to
defend you with these very same people, when needed and we will use our
office to reduce the burdens on yours. Long term solid solutions instead of
promises regretted later. What's more, when you join this, the fastest
growing local NYC association, you get so much more, than when you
would, hiring a broker or attorney. What we are doing here is creating a
voice for trucking, delivery and service companies operating in NYC, all
while handling those things you would rather not, more professionally than
your resources alone could afford, as they should be directed to your profit
based operations, making your Company, this City and our Country stronger.

NYC depends on healthy commerce. Healthy commerce depends on goods
sold. Goods can't be sold unless they are received by stores and delivered
to customers.

Your trucking business is a vital part of the economy of New York. The only
problem is that in order to run your business in this great city you have had
to accept being treated as a nuisance by both the public and the

By joining and becoming a member of our corporation's private association,
we will be able to make trucking in New York a recognized powerful group
of small business people deserving of better regulations and respect in the
community and with government.

About Our Association

Clarifications included at request of council May 2008 to avoid any
misunderstanding of purpose.

This corporation is a service firm and also a lobbying* firm (*by common
understanding, not by legal definition) when and only when responding to a
request for information or comments or as a witness to NYC City Council
relative to bills under consideration, for the benefit of its internal
membership associated by common needs who themselves do not engage
in such activities.  NYTDA does not accept payment or compensation for
purpose of lobbying.

Our goal is not to influence; but rather to represent your combined expert
views and concerns wherever they are sought in order to assure that all
relevant information is provided to our lawmakers and to counter
misinterpretations and misinformed viewpoints so that informed decisions
can result.  

We are a profit corporation, as such we can independently provide the
regular support you require without burdening you, the member, as your
time is so valuable toward your profit centers. Not for profit associations
generally require members to provide valuable time for association
business, we will not.  We do  however encourage you to tell us your needs
and problems so that we may work on your behalf to make your business
life more efficient.

NYTDA finances and reporting are overseen by a licensed certified public
accounting firm. While we are fighting for your rights, our practices and
procedures will be of the highest standards at all times to proudly be able to
pass public and governmental scrutiny and gain their support. This is
absolutely necessary for us to get the cooperation and respect of both the
public and government in areas necessary for the betterment of our members.
This is not a union, but a trade association, that fights for you and has no
involvement on how you run your business. Together, we are partners in a
group designed to fight for better trucking conditions, reduced operating costs
and fines. Together,  we can command the respect and attention all truckers
deserve but cannot attain individually.

Notice: We shall negotiate for best service and supply prices with vendors for our members.
Any and all such companies offering such discounts to our members are made available
to our members as a service. In no way does this constitute any requirement by our
members to use such suppliers. Members are free to choose any competitor services at any
price made available to them. It is in no way our intent or action to restrict trade or
monopolize any trade whatsoever, but rather to take advantage of discounted prices based
on volume that are offered to our members by vendors. All activities are and shall be in full
compliance with the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Wilson Tariff Act, Federal Trade
Commission Act and all other applicable Federal, State and Local laws.
About Us