• August 19, 2005 NYTDA is preparing to roll out major services to our
    members starting next week, which include:
  •        Managed Ticket/Fleet program to save you as much as 70 to 75
    percent off of your parking related tickets. This program is 100%
    managed by NYTDA and will not cost members a dime. We do all the
    work so our members can concentrate on their primary business.  If
    you have not yet joined, this is the time to do it.
  •        Multi language website pages and brochures will be finalized in
    15 days. It is important we reach as many hard working truckers and
    commercial vehicle owners who need us as we can.
  •        More affordable Workmans compensation, Disabiltiy and
    Commercial Vehicle programs are in the works, stay tuned for further

  • July 18, 2005 Much to report in the coming week! Our first annual BBQ
    was rained out but enough of you made it to make it all worth the
    effort! Thank you. We are also now going full ahead on the business
    front and expect to make a full report to you within 2 weeks or less on
    the major issues of ticket reduction and insurance programs, check
    back frequently for news on these topics and more.

  • June 27,2005 NYTDA was present and testified today at the City
    Council Transportation Committee Hearing you have heard so much
    about! In fact this hearing has adopted a new name "Quota, We don't
    use no quota"!! It would be funny if not so painfull.  NYTDA's CEO Ken
    Thorpe and his independent trucker brother Richie went to bat today
    for you.  While we were not a main focus we did our part to try to get
    NYTDA and its members on the city governments map while
    imparting testimony relevant to traffic ticket issuing officers. It has to
    be said, that the Transportation Chair, John Liu was unflappable
    when he championed unfair ticketing and ticket quotas in a powerful
    and professional manner. This guy is on the ball and we look forward
    to seeing and hearing a lot more from this councilman.. Also,
    Brooklyns own Gentile "man" served up some tough questions to
    DOT and should be recognized for this. To learn more click here:

  • June 13, 2005 NYTDA will testify at the NYC Council Chambers of City
    Hall on June 27th 2005. The hearing will be on traffic rules and
    regulations, including how they are arrived at, how they are enforced,
    and how agents are trained to enforce them.  They will focus
    especially on parking. The hearing will look at the type of discretion
    agents are given in various situations. NYTDA will prepare testimony
    based upon member statements. Email all situations you have faced
    regarding parking tickets and agent treatment during the ticketing

  • June 11, 2005 Today Ken Thorpe Chairman of NYTDA met with
    Phillip Hom, Chief of Staff/Council and Roberto Ragone, Special
    Projects Coordinator of the NYC Council on behalf of the
    Transportation Committee, headed by Council Member John C. Liu.
    We were received professionally and respectfully and it is my opinion
    that the needs and goals of the NYTDA and its membership are
    viewed seriously and that we can look forward to a mutually beneficial
    relationship with this committee and council. You may view our
    presentation to the council as well as the official letter from the
    NYTDA to the council that recaps the discussions of the meeting as
    well as the intended purpose of this meeting.

  • June 07,2005 NYTDA is planning its first annual Barbecue, Rally and
    Membership Drive. Please check back for further information. This
    event is to be held this summer at a major City parks area. Free Food
    and Drinks for Independent Truckers, Delivery Persons and their
    immediate family and or significant others!!

  • June 01, 2005 NYTDA shall meet with the NY City Council,
    Transportation Committee in June. It is our intention to raise
    awareness of the problems facing our industry and this City and to
    create a regular communications network with City government for
    the betterment of the trucking and delivery industry, retailers and the
    public at large. Our problems are the same but seen from totally
    different vantage points. Fortunately we can find solutions that work
    for all. Together with our City officials we may finally make a
    differences by implementing viable solutions to the problems you
    face every day.
  • May 31, 2005 NYTDA will be opening its permanent administrative
    office in Brooklyn New York on or before the 4th of July. Location to be
    announced shortly.
With the power and strength of our association members we fight as a single
massive force to gain the respect and concessions all of our members deserve
It was raining but we
made the best of it!


You may have noticed that we do not post much on this page anymore!

This is primarily because most new programs, services and announcements
are now posted on our
very busy looking home page! We will get to re-vamping
this page as soon as possible.  

October 3, 2007 NYTDA has been working hard with the City of New York, the
NYPD and your leasing companies on issues from virtually simultaneous
multiple issuance, of parking tickets, fines and the impact of leasing on your
ability to participate in cost saving programs.

Before the end of this year we will be posting the outcomes of these efforts in a
no-nonsense fashion. It is our hope that we will also be announcing a number
of positive changes that will benefit our membership which today boasts over
200 companies and 6000 commercial vehicles.

In addition, NYTDA has recently concluded a year long effort to bring to our
members, insurance services that not only save them money but better protect
their company and its assets.