Services We Provide Include:

  • Reduced ticket and fine programs management
  • Legal representation referral to an NYTDA lawyer should you
    require such services
  • Lower insurance rates
  • *Representation for better unloading/parking rules
  • *Representation for better truck access routes in all boroughs
  • Better prices on all trucker services, including repairs
  • Information services to members
  • Group support
  • Communications among members
  • Advertising opportunities
Once we receive your completed documents, your truck's plates will be
registered with the stipulated fines program, which will save you, on
average, 50 to 75% off most of your tickets each week. It is the law that
allows this and rightfully so, because between bad issuances and
ignored rights for commercial delivery, you should pay less than what is
issued, a judges do agree! We just make sure you do.. You will save a
substantial amount on your NYC parking tickets and enjoy all of the
benefits of being an NYTDA member! You don't even have to send us
copies of your tickets! By us enrolling your plates, it is all automatic. You
get tickets and they get reduced and we notify you every week of how
much they were and how much they have been reduced to. It is that easy!
The single thing that makes using NYTDA and doing it yourself is saving
your most valuable asset, your time, then add our experience and
in-consequencial cost and you realize that NYTDA really is here for you.

We will also send you information on many other NYTDA benefits,
including low cost insurance programs. Call us today to get your
members sign-up package or click in the SIGN UP button and order your
members package on-line.
NYTDA can start saving you money today and cost you less
than ever before. Compare our services and prices with
everyone else then sign up with NYTDA!
Click on the Sign Up button and Order an NYTDA
Member Package today, or just call us!
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