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Charities that NYTDA donates monthly
Global Impact is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping the poorest
people on Earth. Global Impact represents more than 50 of the most
respected U.S.-based international charities in workplace giving campaigns
across the nation. Each year, Global Impact and its member charities touch
more than 400 million lives in virtually every developing country through
disaster relief, education, health training and economic programs that
promote self-sufficiency.

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NYTDA recognizes the need to be active and compassionate with regard to those less fortunate and has
instituted an Association contribution program whereby each month NYTDA donates fixed amounts to various
Charities that serve global, domestic and local needs such as hunger, health care and other humanitarian
causes and we did not forget our four legged friends. All donations are paid for by the Association as a part of the
member dues we receive. It is our way of giving back to the community and the world. We will from time to time
add other charities to our donation program.

The objective of the New York City Rescue Mission (NYCRM), America's First
Rescue Mission, has remained the same since its founding in 1872: to
provide spiritual hope, food, clothing and shelter to people in crisis in New
York City. This model has been replicated by 300 rescue missions throughout
the country.

NYCRM overnight guests are offered nutritious meals, housing, spiritual
guidance, medical/social service support and clean clothing. Our long-term
residents are offered career development assistance, financial and job skills
training, internet and e-mail access, and GED preparation courses. The men
in our Recovery Program recieve weekly individual and group counseling, as
well as Bible study and discipleship.

Our facility has 100 beds, 65 are for men who come for overnight services.
Some are set aside for referrals, and others are given to men who queue up
in front of the Mission each evening. First time visitors are offered a bed for a
week; after that, a man must stand in line or participate in our bed lottery

35 beds are held for participants in our long-term Residential Recovery
Program. These men, while in recovery, help to maintain the building, staff the
reception desk, and participate in the preparation of daily meals.

NYCRM is funded through private donations from our friends, foundations,
churches and other organizations. We are able to keep the average cost of a
meal at $1.94 through the on-going support of organizations such as City
Harvest, The Food Bank for New York City and other friends.

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All Charity's logos, descriptions , trademarks and photographs are owned by the respective
organizations and are not affiliated with NYTDA. NYTDA is a contributor of these
St. Jude is unlike any other
pediatric treatment and made
here have completely made here
have completely changed how
the world treats children with
diseases. With research and
patient care under one roof, St.
Jude is where some of today's
most gifted researchers are
able to do science more quickly

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in the Western Hemisphere. The Society was formed to alleviate
The ASPCA was founded in 1866 as the first humane organization
in the Western Hemisphere. The Society was formed to alleviate
the injustices animals faced then, and we continue to battle cruelty
today. Whether it’s saving a pet who has been accidentally
poisoned, fighting to pass humane laws, rescuing animals from
abuse or sharing resources with shelters across the country, we
work toward the day in which no animal will live in pain or fear.
Come and join us in the fight to end animal cruelty—
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Boys and Girls Town is a beacon of hope for America’s children and
families through its life-changing, leading-edge programs.
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"honor and empower wounded warriors" of the United States Armed Forces...
This charity is one of our newest additions and we are proud to make
monthly donations on behalf of our association and members.  Learn more
Help create a world without ALS by getting
involved in the way that best suits YOU!