Members Only!
NYTDA is proud to introduce the NYTDA Fleet Manager Program

In an alliance partnership with PST Software we are making our full featured Fleet Management
program available to NYTDA members free of charge.

Members will receive a notice in their weekly email showing verified members how to easily download a
copy of NYTDA Fleet Manager and you will be provided a telephone number and contact for installation
support and assistance, free of charge.
If you did not receive instructions by email on how to get your free Fleet Management Software, please
call us at 718-360-8754 and we will be glad to assist you.

  • Fleet manager includes tracking vehicles and equipment (Single or Multi-user Environment) and
    can be customized to the users needs if desired.

  • NYTDA members can also Export and email vehicle data to NYTDA with a click of a button
  • Receive your ticket summaries from NYTDA via email and import into Fleet manager for easy
    access and management.

Not yet an NYTDA member or a member and did not get a notice in your email yet?
Please email us at or call 718-360-8754
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