Your Parking Ticket Dashboard
Vehicle and Driver Performance - How do they compare?
NOTE: If there is a plate number you do not see on this web-system, it may either be a new plate, not yet updated to the website or it may be a plate
which has not yet been assigned. In either case, please contact NYTDA at [email protected], and inform us of any plate numbers you do not see here
or any other problems or suggestions you may have.
NOTE: Percentages saved are based upon the amount of the base fine saved, because most of your fines are adjudicated with no penalty assessed.
In certain cases, such as retroactively adjudicated summonses, any penalty assessed would have automatically been reduced and where there are
very few summonses, the result could indicate you saved over 100%.
Parking Tickets are reduced based on
the severity of the fine.  Even the
outcomes of hearings are directly
impacted by the type of fines your drivers
are getting.
Your Dashboard provides
access to parking ticket information data
and analysis
, designed to help you better
understand the types of tickets your
drivers are receiving. This information
may help you identify problem areas and
better train your drivers in "Best Parking
Practices"  Login and see it all!
About Your Dashboard
Using Your Dashboard
Version One of this application currently has
one report style "Summons Distribution", this
report is already set as the default. There is a
drop down in that Report selection area which
is to accommodate planned future reports.

You will notice a list of your plates comes up
once logged in. You may sort them by plate
number, by the number of summonses issued
and also by savings factor, meaning, how well
that plate/vehicle performed regarding best
parking practices. After selecting a sort, you
may also select whether it is sorted ascending
or descending.

Once done, you may choose any particular
plate and click on it to open up a new window
that will display the ticket detail for that plate.
It will provide specific detail about the
summonses that plate/vehicle received and
the type of tickets it received. You will also see
a color coded pie chart that very clearly
visualizes whether that plate/vehicle is
performing reasonably or not with regard to
best parking practices. You may do this for any
listed plate.
At the top of your dashboard, there is a
small section called Current Industry
Averages. These numbers are from all
industry types, all vehicle sizes and route

Parking Practices plays a major role in
performance but individual performance
can also be affected by load size,
delivery time, route complexity, vehicle
size, as well as other factors that may be
particular to your company or specific
About Industry Averages
Your Glove box is a drop down menu that
will give you access links to driver
training documents, driver training
presentation materials and more.

Association memos and updates will
also be available in your Glove box.
About Your Glove box
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