NEXUS - Commercial Vehicle Operators
Protecting their City and their Country!
NYTDA members and drivers are acutely aware that trucks are, and have proven to be, a preferred delivery system
of weapons of mass destruction by terrorists, both foreign and homegrown. Everything from sophisticated
electronically detonated explosives and bio-weapons to homemade bombs can be often easily delivered to high
population areas using what appears to be everyday delivery vehicles.

Here are some things to look for and to report to our NYPD Nexus partners:
Dear Members, some months ago NYTDA met with the Terrorist Incident
Prevention Unit of the NYC Police Department Intelligence Division. Our
members and their families come from every corner of the earth.  We work and
live here in America, as Americans, and we always, at the very least, have one
thing in common,
this is our home! I can report today that many of our members
have joined and many more are in the process, thank you all!

We are proud to announce that NYTDA has joined the Counter-Terrorism
Program, Operation NEXUS, and fully supports this effort.

We encourage NYTDA Members and alliances in the Trucking, Leasing, Delivery
and Service Industry to join NEXUS.

Here is a summary of what NEXUS is and how you can be involved:

As truck and commercial vehicle drivers, you know better than anyone in the
world what looks right and what looks wrong while you are on the road each
day delivering goods and services. If something is out of place, either another
truck on the street or at a customer stop, you may sense it before anyone else.
Report it through this program, it really is that simple and could save you, your
family and the City you live in and countless lives. If it turns out to be nothing,
OK, it was still worth reporting. It is that simple.

If you would like to participate in NEXUS, please call NYTDA today at 718-360-
Your representative will make sure you receive all of the necessary
information and answer any questions you may have. To participate costs
nothing, not to can cost everything!

You will receive:
  • On-Site Seminar by the NYPD Intelligence Division and NYTDA
  • Driver Handouts with numbers to report possible threats
  • You will receive an official NEXUS Program Letter
  • You will receive an official NEXUS Framed Certificate
  • You will receive Window Decals for your participating vehicles

Official NYPD - NEXUS training information may be found at the links below. You
may also schedule an appointment for a NEXUS representative to visit you at a
convenient time to go over the program in further detail.
Operation Nexus
Look for & report
All trademarks, symbols, logos and photographs of the NYPD are the property of the NYPD and utilized in this website
to depict programs which are of the NYPD as represented on their official website. NYTDA is not an NYPD agency or
affiliate. NYTDA is a participant in the NYPD NEXUS program and this section of the NYTDA website is strictly for the
purpose of promoting awareness and participation in anti-terrorism programs of the NYPD.
This is dedicated to the Dads and also to the many
of our friends that died or lost their way 9-11-01
Look for & report

                                                              November 11, 2007

Mr. Ken Thorpe
Chairman and CEO
1706 Sheepshead Bay Road
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11235

Dear Mr. Thorpe,

Recently, members of the New York City Police Department met with you to explain the NYPD’s    
counter-terrorism initiative Operation Nexus and request your company’s assistance in disseminating
communicating law enforcement’s concerns about unusual customer requests, suspicious inquiries or
out-of-the ordinary business transactions and the potential for a link to terrorist activity.

Attached is the NYPD Operation Nexus material specific to your membership.   An electronic version
of this document will also be e-mailed to you by Lieutenant Mario Rivera of the Terrorist Incident
Prevention Unit so that you may format it accordingly.

Thank you again for your help in protecting our citizens against another terrorist attack.  The
willingness of your membership to work as partners with the NYPD and law enforcement is extremely
vital and greatly appreciated.


                             Raymond W. Kelly
                             Police Commissioner