NEXUS - Commercial Vehicle Operators
Protecting their City and their Country!
NYTDA members and drivers are acutely aware that trucks are, and have proven to be, a preferred delivery system
of weapons of mass destruction by terrorists, both foreign and homegrown. Everything from sophisticated
electronically detonated explosives and bio-weapons to homemade bombs can be often easily delivered to high
population areas using what appears to be everyday delivery vehicles.

Here are some things to look for and to report to our NYPD Nexus partners:
Operation Nexus Training Docs
portray themselves as honest customers seeking to purchase,
services to covertly further a terrorist plot.  

The following examples of activity relating to your specific
business, though not fully inclusive, may be of possible concern to
law enforcement:

•        An unexplained withdrawal by a student driver just before
official completion of a training/certification program requisite to
the operation of a tractor-trailer.
•        Suspicious inquiries regarding the licensing/certification
required to transport hazardous materials.
•        An unusual disinterest displayed by a student during the
explanation of safety procedures relative to the operation of the
•        A refusal to accept job placement assistance (if offered by
your company) by an individual who does not appear to have
already secured employment.

Your impressions and assessment -- based upon your
professional/business experience -- are extremely valuable and
should help guide you in determining if a customer request, a fact
pattern or set of circumstances is unusual.

Please remember that the conduct of itself does not have to be
criminal per se for you to report it to the NYPD Terrorism Hotline,
24-hours a day, seven-days a week, toll-free, at 1-888-NYC-
SAFE or to New York City’s Non-Emergency Government
Services number 3-1-1.  (In the event of a police emergency,
please dial 9-1-1.)

If you wish to learn more about Operation Nexus, please visit the
NYPD website at and locate the Counter
Terrorism link.