• Signing Affidavits
  • Paying for copies of tickets
  • Lost ticket penalties
  • Paying Full Price
  • Penalties
  • Interest
  • Bad Reporting
  • Duplicate Payment
  • Dealing with piles of tickets
    and paper

You will Get:
  • Reduced Fines
  • No Penalties
  • No Interest
  • Great Reports
By Plate/Driver
By Facility
By your choice!
  • Electronic Reporting
  • Quality Control

Best of ALL
  • Less Work
  • Less cost
  • Fleet Protection
Please Call: 718-360-8754
Dues and Fees based membership plans, please inquire!

Includes Fleet Management, free Insurance evaluation and Stipulated Fine Program
Enrollment and Management at no additional cost.

Other membership plans are available, please inquire.

One Time Sign up and that is it! We handle it from there. You won't have to send in
copies of tickets or fill out affidavits. We do everything from application on, it is that
simple. We send you easy to understand reports of your automatically reduced
tickets and we stay on top of things so you can run your daily business without worry.
Your old tickets that have not already had hearing on will be handled as well at our
one time standard fee. Even complex ticket issues you may now have will be
resolved. Your duesand/or fee cover all future work on your tickets, no matter how
many you get, it is all included (program reductions, reports and much more) in your
membership dues.

Why NYTDA when you can hire an attorney or do it yourself? Simple, you use our staff
who is experienced in fleet management and managing parking tickets and who are
dedicated to managing these specific problems and can take the time to properly
manage and audit your fleet. In addition, when you join NYTDA you make a variety of
services, discounts and support available to your company at no additional cost from
us. We make it easy!!

NYTDA, Supporting the industry and the people who run it.
Why should you join NYTDA?

NYTDA, a full service Fleet Management Company, we fight for you and we represent
your views with government. Want more? OK, NYTDA also handles your NYC Parking
Tickets, just for being a member!
The Program: The programs available through the Department of Finance were
designed to give you a fair alternative to going to court and hiring expensive lawyers.
In reality, fines are always going to be issued whether rightfully or wrongfully and, in
the past, the only way to defend them was in court. This program is designed to
afford you the approximate savings (based on actual hearings) had you gone to
court, without the expense and time involved. NYTDA supports the program by taking
it even further for our members by providing a
fully managed version from application
to custom reports and much more. NYTDA is your advocate working with NYC DOF
and other agencies to improve programs, services, and laws that affect your
business. NYTDA is there to handle problems when they arise so you do not have to!
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